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domenica 9 novembre 2014

On the European policy towards Russia and other burning issues: a critical view of the ALDE positions (part 1)

A margine del dibattito sulla posizione europea nei confronti della Russia ed altri temi scottanti (es. immigrazione) e della posizione dell'ALDE su questi argomenti in corso nel gruppo Facebook di CSV, posizione che potrebbe danneggiare lo sviluppo di un forte e moderno partito di ispirazione "liberale" non solo in Italia, riceviamo questa nota dell'amico Bobbie Kostov, che volentieri pubblichiamo anche se non necessariamente ne condividiamo in toto i contenuti.

As a spin-off to the debate on the European policy towards Russia and
and other burning issues (e.g. immigration) and about the the ALDE position on the debate now ongoing on the "Candidati Senza Voce" Facebook group , positions which may damage the further development of truly modern "liberal" - inspired political party not only in Italy, please find here below a note of our friend Bobbie Kostov , which we happily share but do not necessarily entirely agree upon.


- PART 1 -
ALDE is losing influence and it will continue..most of people connect the current crisis with neo-liberal model, that leads to enormous polarization in societies and lack of middle class..
The economic model over the last maybe 10-15 years led to impossibility for the European population even to reproduce itself to a sustainable rate ... so if a model cannot even reproduce it is maybe inherently wrong.

Number one problem for Italy is demographic. I do not know why your media do not speak about that ... you are disappearing ... in fact "white christian Italian population" is in so called demographic trap. That means that in 2-3 generations you will have 5-6 times less young real Italians.
It is a geometrical progression ... this is in coincidence with increased  polarisation in the society; young people are insecure about their future ans that destroys the cell of every society - the family - as institution. You have other problems with lack of investments, competitiveness, but they are easy to solve and short term ones. For Italy a matter of national security must be the demographic problem ... why do you need this wealth if you are disappearing as nation?

ALDE do not speak about this, only Nationalistic Parties such as the likes of Le Pen and Nigel Farage talk about that ... they cannot give proper solutions, but what ALDE, ENP, PES are doing with just neglect all this topics and blaming the others as "racist" is wrong. We called this pseudo tolerance ... when this three parties combines against national parties , it only gives more arguments to them and make a bitter impressions into people ... 50-60-100 millions cannot be racists. These national parties are in fact the immune system of societies.
Most of cities in Europe are dangerous for girls and women in dark hours to walk around..you have Muslim,not European population that is impossible to integrate...instead of they to become Europeans it will be vice versa.
You know about the role of the Church for modern Europe and capitalism ... so this Muslim immigrants will bring other policy structures and economic structures..

Here (
Ed. , Bulgaria) we have a Turkish party, in Macedonia-albanian. They vote ethnically and religiously..and then they bring feudal economic manners. In western Europe you will have this first in local , municipal authorities in many cities...

First you need intelligent measures for easing christian women to have families and at least two children; t
hen change into fiscal policy - in order to limit the polarization ... then some mixed system of basis income for the young people but now they are slaves to banks.. and most important you will need changes into the big structures-banks, mega corporations ..

Mega Banks brings enormous systemic risk... it is very wrong..in future we need policy and economic structure that enables technologies.. this means more errors and failures in the system , but small ones , not systemic..instead of few big systemic ones as we see now with our banks..failures brings the progress and the wealth..people have to try and fail, and so again, again..

In future only 1/10 of the businesses will bring profit and wealth..but the few ones will feed thousands and will create enormous wealth.. the firms will have very short life, because technologies develops exponentially.. so we need enormous change into banking industry..it is vital...

About Russia: Europe needs Russia, and Russia needs Europe.
Russia is in fact Europe - European culture and christian territory..it is not "orient"!
Russia needs European technologies and, on the other side, Europe not only needs resources, but markets too. Soon, Russia will be the biggest one, bigger than German one for most product items and Europe cannot afford to lose its biggest market
Currently, Russia is in something like currency board; they need to have reserves in US Dollars, but soon they will have independent monetary policy and that will lower interest rates for Russians companies; therefore, their economy and disposable income of people will rise a lot.
This is much different from US cooperation in respect to trade with EU; with Russia EU has "absolute advantages"
(Ed. complementarity), so it is very beneficial for both sides; what I mean-EU produce products that Russia does not and vice versa, it is not the case with USA. That is why TTPA is an useless agreement.

Italy always had very good relations with Russia..even 25 years ago. Russians do not like Americans and English people.. but they are friendly towards other Europeans, and especially Italians.
It is therefore a mistake to scare people with catch-phrases such as "energy independence", without developing a full argument on the future developments and trends in most industrial branches,  especially automobile one.

Not the war with Russia will bring energy independence - the new technologies are the better solution ... and Europe has such technologies.

-  END OF PART 1 -

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  1. Questo articolo mi lascia molto perplesso per il suo manicheismo e le sue semplificazioni. Italiani buoni amici dei Russi, magari perché Berlusconi é socio in affari di Putin?

  2. Scrive Francesco Preti nel forum di CSV: "A me personalmente l'articolo piace molto. Ci sono due passaggi che mi hanno colpito. 1_ Questo è assolutamente vero ed ha una ragione storica. Ai tempi del PCUS le uniche canzoni straniere permesse erano quelle italiane. 2.< It is...a mistake to scare people with catch-phrases such as "energy independence", without developing a full argument on the future developments ...>. Anche questo è assolutamente vero, l'Italia non ha una politica energetica a differenza degli altri grandi paesi dell'UE".

  3. Link alla discussione nel gruppo Facebook di CSV: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481427778758723/permalink/1567020546866112/