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martedì 27 maggio 2014

Ukrainian agitations continue, European Union the usual paper tiger.

The main achievement of European Union was to wipe out the idea itself or war in Europe. But we failed with former Yugoslavia and we are failing with Ukraine.

I'm aware that this note won't be liked by lots of friends of mines' in Europe and Italy but if you love somebody you have to show it by always be sincere and not concede to the widespread hypocrisy.

First of all, let me note the too much double standard language and measures have been uttered since the falling of the Iron Curtain.

When Yugoslavia collapsed all the main EU countries raced to recognise the new-born Republics, without asking themselves questions over their sustainability of the minimum requirements for a statehood, e.g. economy, defense, etc.

More recently, the different European political groups have carelessly adjusted their policy on "secession" and on "succession of States" only on the basis of the possible advantages that a new state will bring to their membership, whether we talk Kosovo, Catalunya, Scotland, Moldova or Ukraine.

The same leading EU politicians have also too often misused the tensions accumulating in the "periphery" for short term personal advantages, for example rushing to be the first on the spotlight of Maidan on the eve of the start of the EU electoral campaign instead of sitting with the contenders and trying to find a peaceful and mutually "honorable" solution, taking into account the susceptibility of the "Russian Bear".

Please note that:
  • I have some sympathy for the majority of the protesters of the early Kyev revolt of winter 2013-2014, of which some young enthusiasts I know personally and I can swear they are as clear as a spring water; 
  • I'm not saying the we should sell a bootlegger such as Yanukovych as a devoted statesman, certainly not Putin as a sincere democrat (and not of course a disqualified Timoshenko as a viable solution for the post-revolution), 

But at the same time:
  • it was visible since the beginning that a corrupted government was poised to be replaced by another illiberal and corrupted political elites (and violent, as well showed by the recent events)
  • we also have to take into consideration the ratio between means and goals. The sanctions and the threats towards Russia heavily pushed by the majority of the governments and European institutions are simply laughable. Russia is heavily involved in tightening its relation with China and the barking coming from Brussels are perceived in Moscow no more than a slightly annoying background noise. 

And, btw, in case of military action, who would go at war for Ukraine? Nobody, I can tell you. So, better not to promise what you cannot maintain, otherwise the only victims would be those enthusiasts who took arm in the past hoping that the Big Powers will come and aide them, like the insurgents of the Warsaw ghetto during WWII, just to discover nobody would move not to jeopardise subtle and delicate geopolitical checks and balances.

Of course, EU has only a partial responsibility in all that mass, being the other main contributor the usual interference of foreign global and regional powers (i.e. USA and Russia) for the sake of their power play heritage of the cold war, which only made the situation getting worse.

And the deaths are in the meantime piling up, while a definitive peaceful solution is only a little more than a wishful thinking.

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